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Value Added Services

Value Added Services

Will You Be Able To Live Comfortably When You Retire?

It is never too early or too late to start saving for retirement.

Our Wealth Management Group was established to provide a value added service to our clients. Taxes are an important factor when creating your financial portfolio. Having all of your financial information in one place allows us to easily integrate your retirement portfolio with your tax strategies.

We have a wide arrange of retirement vehicles available for all types of investors. We will cater your financial portfolio to your own specific needs and goals.

Retirement Readiness Analysis

  • Retirement Readiness Analysis
  • Educational Funding Strategies
  • A Plan To Provide Life Insurance On Children/Grandchildren
  • Methods To Continue Income If Disabled
  • Social Security Benefit Analysis
  • Implementing a Simple IRA At Your Small Business
  • Rolling Over a 401K

Educational Funding Strategies

  • Do you know how much monthly income you will need when you retire?
  • What age can you retire at to live comfortably?
  • Where will your source of income come from when you retire?
  • Plan today to be ready tomorrow.

A Plan To Provide Life Insurance On Children/Grandchildren

  • Would your children be able to financially survive if something happens to you?
  • A proper life insurance policy can prevent future “Go Fund Me” movements to provide housing, food and clothing.
  • Make sure your policy is reviewed and is up to date.

Strong Security Benefit Analysis

  • Are you aware of all the options you have to claim your social security?
  • How do social security benefits work into your retirement plan?
  • Find out what your best option is before you start taking your benefits.

Implementing a Simple IRA At Your Small Business

  • Want to make your business more attractive to employees?
  • Do you want to avoid employee turnover?
  • A Simple IRA is a good way for small business owners to reward employees.

Rolling Over a 401K

  • Did you recently leave a job where you had a 401K?
  • You have a few options to move that money.
  • Consult with us before making a final decision.

Please contact us to take advantage of our Wealth Management services available to you.

As a Hammernik & Associates client, you are entitled to a complimentary Financial Audit Review. We will uncover possible strategies to improve your financial portfolio.