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Many (many!) thanks

As I write here from Milwaukee & Waukesha Counties Tax Accountant Headquarters, it’s the day before tax day (which is Tuesday the 15th), and we are pushing hard during this final stretch! Procrastinators are streaming through our Milwaukee & Waukesha Counties office doors (after all, we welcome them here), the phone is ringing off the hook, and my email inbox is overflowing.

Another year, another tax day.

How did I remember the deadline was so close? I almost didn’t!

It was only until this morning, as I lifted my heavily-lidded eyes to peer up through the haze of government forms and procedures, and I saw the Team Dale Hammernik calendar — which today said: April 14. 

Egads! One day left!

In all seriousness, today is an extremely busy day for us here at Team Hammernik — but as I am a person of ritual, I’m still taking the time to write to you on this, of all days. Though you may be receiving it later in the week, depending on how this day goes!

It’s been a great tax season — and for us, it’s not even close to being over.

Yes, we’ll have a bit of a respite because individual filings (and a slew of other things) are due tomorrow. But since we work so closely with Milwaukee & Waukesha Counties small businesses, we don’t take the same kind of extended vacation of which many of our colleagues avail themselves upon tax season’s completion.

But today’s date gives me the chance to say (again): We are extremely grateful for your trust.

It’s always been our hope that we take a process that is so painful and time-consuming (with so much waste), and convert it into a profitable enterprise through smart tax planning and the coaching of our Milwaukee & Waukesha Counties-area clients. We’re proud to say that we have seen many of those stories this year, as we’ve continued to grow on the strength of your referrals.

I won’t be sharing strategic business wisdom today (I hope you’ll forgive our needing to stay focused), but I would like to make one last request:

If you have filed your taxes with us would you…

A) Write me and tell me your honest words about it? If it was positive, I’d love to hear specifics — and if not positive, I definitely still want to hear about it!

B) Share us on YOUR Facebook wall…?

Here’s something you can say:
“I had my taxes prepared by Dale Hammernik’s team, and had a great experience. And even now, they’re willing to review your tax return to make sure that everything was done right for you … Give them a call at: (414) 545-1890 and let them know I told you to call.” 
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Or some such… thanks again!

Warmly (and with great hope for the future of your business),

Dale Hammernik
(414) 545-1890