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Hammernik on How to Grow Your Bottom Line in 2015

I have a question for you, one that I think you should think hard about:

Have you considered paying yourself more out of your business?

In some cases, it actually might make more sense to pay yourself less — but bring home more at the same time.

Well, if you’re not clear on how you could accomplish that, then reading this post right now will be very important.

Because, as you know, it is hard — and it is LONELY — to be a business owner in this environment. The media is bombarding your customers with messages of chaos and fear … and, of course, you can’t help but have some of those messages trickle into your own consciousness as well.

Which is why it’s so important for you to have a clear handle on the bottom line for your business — and on ALL of the tax implications you’ll be facing, and how to get ahead of them.

Look … I hope it’s no mystery to you why I often write about marketing and sales. Frankly, that’s the easiest way for you to grow your bottom line (add more to the top line).

But the second-best way to grow your bottom line is to avoid all of the unnecessary expenses and taxes which so many businesses end up paying, simply because they didn’t plan ahead of time.

When I meet with a biz owner, I often wear many hats — CFO, Marketing Advisor, COO, etc. — truly whatever fits the need of our client most precisely. Because business owners can make rash decisions in times of perceived crisis (like during “tax season”) — and they often have unforeseen complications down the road.

Which is why it’s critical that we take a look at how things are set up for you and your business for the rest of 2015. Here in the middle of summer (and BEFORE the fall rush) is the perfect time to take a clear-eyed look at things, and plan for the best outcome for your business, come January.

The implications of the ACA are continuing to be felt by businesses everywhere, and there are a raft of tax law changes already implemented for 2015, as well as others coming down the pike in 2016 that you’ll want to be prepared for.

And we’re going to make it easy for you. We’ll encourage you, give you good options … and point you into the best direction for your business’ long-term wealth preservation and growth.

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