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Make a Difference Today…

The last few months have been a rough time for the state of humanity. I will not get into any political views or issues regarding events that have taken place. However, it does shine a light on how valuable your life is.

A main pillar of Hammernik & Associates is helping the community. Our charity of choice over the years has been the Muscular Dystrophy. We collect donations throughout the year by selling shamrocks and we also donate $1 for every tax return that we prepare. MDA has created a campaign that makes it so easy for you to help find a cure. All you have to do is upload a picture of yourself and $5 will be donated to the MDA. Here is the picture that I uploaded.


Want to upload your own picture and donate $5? Click Here

This is an easy way to make a difference, it will only take a couple minuted of your day.

Take advantage of this simple way to make a difference in someone’s life. You have the ability to help send some kids to summer camp and put a smile on their faces. That is a great feeling!

Thanks in advance,

Nick Hammernik, EA

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