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Tax Filing Season Dates You Need To Know


2017 Filing Season Begins January 23rd

The IRS has announced that it will begin accepting electronically filed tax returns on January 23rd, 2017. What does this mean for taxpayers? You can have your tax return prepared earlier than the 23rd if you have all of your documents, however, the tax return cannot be submitted until 1/23/17.

Note: There is no advantage to trying to file a tax return earlier than this by mail, it will not get filed any earlier than the 23rd.

Tax Filing Deadline is April 18th

Typically when you think of the last day to file a tax return, you think April 15th. However, the Tax Gods blessed us with 3 extra days this year! Yay…

This year, April 15th falls on a Saturday. This results in having to move the day to the next business day, which is Monday. However, Monday the 17th is a legal holiday in Washington D.C., Emancipation Day. Therefore, Tuesday the 18th is the last day to file a tax return without an extension to avoid late filing.

Reminder: Refunds To Be Delayed

As I blogged about a couple of months ago, the IRS is delaying certain refunds until February 15th. If you file for certain credits on your tax return, your refund will be delayed to allow extra time to verify the credits that are claimed. The IRS is warning that these refunds may be delayed until February 27th based on workflow. Plan accordingly.

It is always important to plan ahead for your tax return filing. Identity theft is not dead, and a good way to combat it is to file as early as you can. Once you are confident you have all the necessary documents needed to file a tax return, schedule your appointment to come in!

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