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What Does A Government Shutdown Mean For Tax Filing?


As everyone knows, the Government is currently shutdown. The IRS is part of the Government. So what does a shutdown mean for you when you file your tax return?

First, it is important to remember that the BEFORE the shutdown even happened, the IRS was not filing tax returns until January 29th. So, if the Government is back up and running by that time, business will go on as usual. However, if the Government is still shutdown a week from now, some things will be affected, while some may not.


Issues that would be put on hold:

  • No tax refunds issued – Keep in mind that many refunds that involve certain credits will not be released until February 27th regardless.
  • No processing of non-disaster relief transcripts
  • No processing of forms 1040X, amended returns
  • No non-automated collections
  • No audit or examinations (some exceptions apply)
  • No whistleblower office activity

Here’s a partial list of functions that directly impact taxpayers which will typically continue if the government shuts down:

  • Processing of returns with payments
  • E-filing
  • Mailing tax forms
  • Appeals (statutory deadlines will not be changed)
  • Call centers (only during filing season)
  • Civil and criminal tax cases
  • Certain communications to taxpayers
  • Active criminal investigations
  • IRS.gov


To sum it up, the biggest issue here would be a delay in refunds being issued. However, you will still be able to file your tax return on 1/29/18. If you are typically an early filer, we would suggest you continue to do so. Filing early will reduce your chances of being a victim of ID theft. Please keep in mind this is the tentative plan and these plans can be changed. We will update with any changes as they happen.

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