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Monthly Archives: October 2018

The Dodgers are the IRS and the Brewers are Hammernik & Associates.

This is a satirical article and is not meant to be serious. No IRS agents were hurt in the writing of this article.

Brewers fever is rampant in Milwaukee. If you have been in my office before, you know how big of a Brewers fan that I am. As I am writing this, I am getting excited to head to Miller Park tonight to watch Game 1 of the National League Championship Series. I like to take any opportunity that I can to try and clash the sports world into the tax world. So, here’s my hot take….The Dodgers are the IRS and the Brewers are Hammernik & Associates.

The Dodgers have one of the highest payrolls in baseball. They bring in money and toss it around like it’s nothing. Remind you of someone? Ah yes, the IRS. The big market Dodgers think they can push the small market around with their buying power and authority, just like the IRS does with Milwaukee taxpayers.

The Brewers’ postseason slogan is, “Defend MKE”. Hammernik & Associates defends the taxpayers of Milwaukee against the IRS anytime that they receive a letter or audited by the IRS. Hammernik & Associates does everything that we can to use the deductions and credits available by IRS law to reduce the money that taxpayers pay the IRS. The best way to combat the big dog is to be knowledgeable and creative with tax law. General Manager, David Stearns, is one of the smartest men in baseball, and used his resources to put together a competitive roster. In addition, Manager, Craig Counsell, uses his creativity to do some out of the box thinking i.e. moving 3rd basemen Travis Shaw to 2nd base, bullpen game in the playoffs.

Dodgers= IRS, Brewers Management=Hammernik & Associates. Baseball games cannot be won without the players, and tax cannot be reduced without strategies. Let’s match some of the Brewers’ roster with tax deductions and credits!

Brewers face Rockies in Game 2 of National League Division Series at Miller Park_1538784548156.jpg_13471890_ver1.0_640_360


Lorenzo Cain: Educator Expense Deduction – Lorenzo Cain is the smartest player on the field at all times. He not only is a leader, but he teaches the younger guys the right way to play the game.


Christian Yelich: Section 199-A Deduction – Chrisitan Yelich is new to the team just like the 199-A is new to the 2018 tax code. The 199-A deduction is a big-time deduction that is going to provide a huge tax break to small businesses. You see where I’m going here? Christian Yelich has been the main force behind the “small business” that is the Milwaukee Brewers.


Ryan Braun: Child Tax Credit – The child tax credit has been a consistent credit helping families out for years. As of 2018, the child tax credit went from $1,000 up to $2,000. Ryan Braun has been the one consistent on the Brewers over the past decade. This year he has brought his level of play close to the level we had grown accustomed to over the years.


Jesus Aguilar: American Opportunity Credit – The AOTC is one of the biggest credits available, as it offers up to a $2,500 credit. Jesus Aguilar (JESUS BOMBS) is the biggest human being on the roster and packs a big punch at the plate. The play on words here is very fitting as well. Jesus Aguilar was once a bench player, but took full advantage of his OPPORTUNITY to take over an everyday role.


Travis Shaw: Refundable Tax Credits – Refundable tax credits are the most versatile types of tax credits, because they can be used to both reduce tax and get a straight refund. Travis Shaw was forced to become versatile when he was moved to 2B, and he has done a great job with the transition.


Mike Moustakas: Rental Property Deductions – There is a chance Moose comes back to the Brew Crew next year, but for the most part, he is a rental player for the year. Rental properties can be a very good investment….just like Moustakas.


Orlando Arcia: Entertainment Expense Deduction – Watch Arcia snag balls at shortstop….Are you not entertained?!

Erik Kratz: The Senior Tax Credit – He may be only 38, but Kratz Daddy is a senior citizen based on MLB standards.

Manny Pina: Theft & Casualty Loss Deduction – Don’t even try swiping 2nd base on Manny…otherwise, you to will need to take a theft loss deduction.

Jonathan Schoop: Gambling Loss Deduction – This is the only negative one on the list. Almost every gamble David Stearns has taken in free agency and the trade market has paid off, but not this one (so far). With all the gambling winnings Stearns has made, he will need to take this loss to reduce the tax on those winnings.

Jeremy Jeffress: Wisconsin Subtractions From Income – It’s no secret that JJ thrives when he is pitching in Milwaukee, and has struggled during his tenure with other teams. Jeffress has his most success when living in Wisconsin.


There you have it. The Milwaukee Tax Deduction roster. Let me know if you have any good comparisons of your own.

Let’s Go Crew!


Nicholas Hammernik, EA, CTC