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Muscular Dystrophy Association

The MDA is near and dear to our heart. We will continue to fight for those affected by this disease in memory of our friend Mike Neufeldt. Each tax season, we strive to collect donations to top our total donated from the prior year. We encourage and appreciate donations from our clients that buy a shamrock! (Remember this is a tax deduction) Hammernik & Associates donates $1 for every tax return that we prepare for the year.

Donations are accepted throughout the year at our office or you can donate below! Your donations help send children to MDA Camp.


Our staff donates their time to help Milwaukee entrepreneurs turn their dream into a reality. We use our financial expertise to provide education and coaching to hopeful future business owners. It is a gratifying process to be a part of helping someone fulfill their dream of owning their own business. If you are interested in starting your own business and would like some guidance, visit www.wwbic.com

A Night To Remember Prom

“A Night to Remember” is a free prom honoring individuals with special needs (including: Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, etc.) ages 15 and up. These individuals become the “Honored Guests” for the night.

The goal for this free event is to honor, love and celebrate 200 individuals with special needs by throwing them a party that will become the highlight of their life! The night will include the following:

  • Tuxes and gorgeous gowns from various locations and designers
  • Professional makeup application and hairstyles
  • A limo ride to the event
  • “Red Carpet” entrance including paparazzi and a 250+ person cheering crowd
  • “Hosts” for each Honored Guest