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IRS Tax Reduction Planning in Milwaukee, WI

“We are The Tax Cleanse”

Are IRS Issues Keeping You Up At Night?

I have had problems come up in my life that make you lay in bed at night thinking about into the wee hours of the morning. These problems affect your day to day lifestyle and can also have a negative effect on those around you, such as your family and friends.

I created The Tax Cleanse because I want to provide you, the taxpayer, a better quality of life. The Tax Cleanse is a step-by-step program designed to get the IRS off your back and help you hit the refresh button on your tax situation.

In order to get on the road to financial recovery, the first priority is to either STOP or PREVENT the overly aggressive collections tactics used by the IRS.

The tax resolution world is filled with unlicensed, commissioned salespeople. It’s not uncommon for these salespeople to straight up LIE to people. Here are common examples of the lies that I’ve heard being told on the phone:

  • Interest charges can be eliminated
  • Penalty reductions are guaranteed
  • Everybody is eligible to settle for “pennies on the dollar”
  • Your bank accounts will be drained by the IRS in 10 days if you don’t hire a representative.

The Tax Cleanse consists of local, licensed professionals who will push the IRS code without breaking it to get you the best possible result. As I mentioned earlier, the tax resolution world is full of unethical firms looking to take advantage of taxpayers in a vulnerable situation. To help you out, I have created an E-book to help you dig through the landmines of tax resolution services.

Secure Your Credit, Keep More of Your Money, by Letting Us Handle Your IRS Lien Problems For You!

If you cannot pay your taxes, the IRS has the right and the ability to establish a lien against your property. It will be in the form of a Milwaukee County tax levy or a Waukesha County tax levy. This might be your house, your company, anything else that you own, and even assets owned by your spouse. In short, if you owe money to the IRS, the IRS may own you in only a few short steps.

Once you have an IRS lien filed against you, the difficulties are endless. The lien will show up on your credit report. Banks won’t want to deal with you because they don’t want the extra hassle of having to work with the IRS to take your money. You won’t be able to get a loan for anything… not a house, not a car… and the revenue from anything you sell will be taken by the IRS until your lien is paid in full.

The good news is we can help you by handling your IRS Lien problems for you. Our tax resolution specialists are NOT like the national 1-800 companies. Our tax resolution services are focused on helping you stabilize your tax situation.

What Can You Do When the IRS is Reaching Into Your Paycheck?

When the IRS goes about settling debts, it does not do so gently, and your employer is powerless to help you out. Once an employer receives notice that the IRS is garnishing your wages, the employer is required by law to send a percentage of your money directly to the government, even if that means leaving you with too little to pay the bills.

Wage garnishment in Wisconsin is a common way the government collects their money. The government will continue taking money from your paychecks until your debt, and all penalties and interest acquired, is paid.

Our tax resolution specialists can help you arrange a payment plan with the IRS that is much more favorable to YOU and your current financial situation. If the government is already garnishing your wages, our tax resolution services can provide assistance in negotiating a release of that garnishment and arranging for a more suitable payment plan in its place. This allows you to receive the full benefit of your wages while working to meet your debt to the IRS in a more reasonable manner.

The IRS Would Love to Take Care of Your Un-filed Tax Returns For You…
Does This Sound Like a Good Plan?

Tax interest and penalties add up lightning fast. If you didn’t file a tax return because you didn’t have the money to pay what was owed, or you filed but simply didn’t pay, you’ve gotten yourself into quite a predicament. And the more you let this situation go, the more likely you are going to pay for it and pay for it big. Our tax resolution specialist cannot negotiate with the IRS until you are current with all of your tax filings.

NOT filing your tax returns is a criminal offense.

Punishment for not filing tax returns can be as severe as one year jail time for every year your taxes go un-filed. Don’t think you can continue to get away with it. As the computer system at the IRS gets more complex and sophisticated, the chances of you getting flagged and caught increase exponentially.
But here’s what you can do…

First, let us help you comply with the law. By taking the initiative and filing your tax returns, you can still take advantage of the deductions and allowances due to you. Yes, you are still going to owe taxes, and likely penalties and interest, as well, but if you wait for the IRS to take care of your problem for you, they are going to do so in the best interest of the government with little thought or interest in your bottom line.

By voluntarily filing all delinquent returns, you will save yourself further problems, and we can help you do that.

Once your returns are current, we can look at your total owed and help you create a plan of action to remedy the situation.