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“We Are Strategic”

Are You Ready To Reach All Of Your Business Goals?

We will coach you through every aspect of your business

As a business owner, you have a team that you must coach in order to be successful. Do you have someone to coach you and hold you accountable?

Without a blueprint, it is very difficult to know what you are building. For the successful business, a Strategic Business Plan is instrumental to making sure your company has clarity of direction, a unified vision, and that all key members and employees have the proper focus on the tasks at hand.

Our Strategic Business Coaching Services help you develop the Strategic Business Plan that will assure your business moves forward and succeeds. In developing the Plan, we help you break your company down into the core components. How is the company defined? What are your products? Who are your competitors? How will the company be managed? What are the processes for ensuring financial health and approaching business risks?

Dale Hammernik’s book, “Straight Talk About Small Business Success In Wisconsin” has specific chapters which focus on record keeping, financial statements, and cash flow.

Schedule a consultation with Dale to see how our bookkeeping and payroll services will allow you to have more freedom in your business.

“I got a lot of great insight from this book. It gave me a new direction to take our company to the next level, something I did really not know how to do. I can’t wait to put the coaching techniques into play and see our company reach the vision we have set up…”

– Phil Murphy, Innovative Financial Solutions

You will benefit from our Strategic Business Coaching services if…

  • You are starting a new business or enterprise.
  • You are expanding a current business, or adding a new product or service to an existing business.
  • You are buying a business, product, or service.
  • You are trying to turn around a failing business.

Strategic Business Coaching will help you identify the weak spots in your Business Plan or plan for any elements that you have not previously addressed. In order to push your business to the next competitive level, you must…

  • Identify your target population, product or services, and the advantages you offer over your competitors.
  • Fully research the ways the need you have identified is currently being fulfilled.
  • Gain an understanding of the market, develop campaigns and timelines for promoting your business, and project the results of such campaigns.
  • Formulate a plan for staffing your business, including an identifying set of skills and expertise that will be required to secure the future of your business.
  • Complete management plans and systems required to run your business.
  • Outline financial necessities, including start-up costs, operating costs, income projections and analysis.
  • Identify all building and equipment needs.
  • Create timelines for all current or initial products as well as projected projects.

A solid Strategic Business Plan will not only help you to obtain financing for your business, it will help to assure that all your bases are covered as you begin or continue your venture.