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Tax Payer Protection

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Do you feel protected against tax thieves?

The financial world has been overtaken by thieves. Make sure you are protected.

Suspicious phone calls, email scams, data breaches…oh my!

Over the past few years taxpayers have been targeted by thieves trying to steal their tax refunds, convincing them to make unwarranted payments and stealing their identity. We offer tax payer protection by working against tax identity theft.

REMEMBER: The IRS will never call or email you! They only correspond with you through postal mail.

Thieves have been persistent with phone calls threatening taxpayers with possible jail time and lawsuits. If you ever receive a call from someone claiming to be the IRS….HANG UP THE PHONE! Do not give them any information.

If you ever have any reservations regarding contact from the IRS, please consult with Hammernik & Associates before giving them any information! Tax payer protection is a value added service that our clients have.

How Do I Know If My Identity Has Been Stolen?

There are two different ways that taxpayers can be informed that they are a victim of IRS tax identity theft and somebody has already filed a tax return under their social security number:

1. You may receive a letter from the IRS asking you to confirm that you already filed a tax return. These letters are usually sent when they sense a suspicious tax return was filed.

a. If you did indeed file a tax return, then follow the instructions for identity verification. You must complete this verification to receive your refund.

2. Your tax return e-file will be rejected when you try to file. The electronic filing system only accepts one tax return per social security number. If they have already accepted a return under your SSN, your spouse’s SSN or a dependent’s SSN, your tax return will automatically be rejected.

My Identity Was Stolen…Now What?!

Once you know that your identity has been compromised, you must file your tax return by paper and mail it in. You must also file a tax identity theft form to inform the IRS that you were a victim of identity theft. After filing the tax identity theft form, the IRS will grant you a PIN to use when you e-file your tax return in future years. Hammernik & Associates can assist you with this process.

Don’t wait! Putting off filing your taxes could make you vulnerable to refund fraud
– Dale Hammernik on Fox 6 News