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Small Business Owners, Are You Growing Your Business?

How’s business looking, here as we begin the final month of 2014?

Drop me a note, and let me know. I’d love to keep in good touch, and to be a “comrade in arms” for you, as you fight to grow your organization. This last month is a good one to take a look at last-minute moves that can still make a big impact on your tax burdens.

And this week, I’d also like to have the chance to lift your vision about how you conceive of YOUR primary task as a business owner. This is something I’ve picked up along the way which has definitely benefited the growth of our firm.

You see, you have resources that are able to take care of the “details”, while you focus on the marketing and positioning of your business. Because that is, indeed, your primary task as a business OWNER (not to be just a “do-er”).

Read on.

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Dale Hammernik Asks: How Do You See Your Business?
“Success is the maximum utilization of the ability that you have.” – Zig Ziglar

I’m curious. What drove you to start your own small business? A passion for the product or service you provide? A desire to be your own boss? A chance to dust off some ambition? A drive to stick it to “the man?”

Did you become a small business owner because you enjoy marketing? Probably not. But, if you’re going to continue to grow your business you have to realize this important fact: You are a marketer, not a service or product provider.

Let me quickly show you the difference between a marketer and a service/product provider.

A Service/Product “Provider”:
Has products or services
Talked to prospects
Has customers
Owns a business
Hopes they’ll stay in business

A Marketer:
Sells products/services
Continually talks to a list of prospects
Builds relationships with customers
Grows their business
Is building their business future

So how do you become a marketer? Well, here are a few questions we both should be thinking about…

* Do we know the difference between advertising and marketing?
* Are we building our prospect and customer lists?
* Do our businesses have a marketing “system” in place?

What I’m learning: smart marketing can make the difference between doing “alright”, and skyrocketing your business.

Yes, I’m a tax professional — but you must understand, I’m a business owner too, and these are hard-won lessons.

I want your business (and mine) to grow, and grow FAST — even with this crazy economy.

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Warmly (and until next week),

Dale Hammernik
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