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Sweet Tooth Taxes

A couple of recent topics have given me a tax sweet tooth. The Soda Tax and National Doughnut Day.
I am not huge on sweets, but I know a lot of you out there are! Grab a free doughnut today and enjoy that soda while it is still tax-free 😉
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Today, June 3rd, is National Doughnut Day. It seems like everyday is National “something” Day…Anyways, Krispy Kreme is giving away FREE doughnuts and also trying to raise money for the Salvation Army in the process. Check out the details and the tax implications of donating to a charity here:
The easiest way for a city or a state to make money is to TAX it’s residents. We here in Milwaukee know that all too well with the Miller Park stadium tax that we pay.
Well, the Mayor of Philadalephia has proposed to put a tax on soda ( or “pop” as some regions of the country call it). Now, this tax is a two-fold agenda. Soda is one of the most popular refreshments…it is also pretty bad for your health. Try pouring a can on something rusty and see what happens.
There is a large volume of soda purchased in the United States, therefore a tax would produce a large revenue stream for the City of Philadelphia. Also,this increase in price may drive residents of Philly to consume less soda. Thus, making Philadelphia a healthier city in that regards.
Do I think this will pass? No. However, if it works in Philadelphia, don’t be surprised for it to spread to other cities.
Read the full article here:
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