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Surprise! Another IRS Scam…


Unfortunately, I feel like I have been alerting our clients of a new tax scam almost every month. Well, here I am again warning you of another IRS tax scam. In the past, we have informed you that the IRS will never call you, they will only contact you via “snail mail”. This was in response to the mass amount of fake phone calls that were being made threatening taxpayers.

It looks like they are now attacking taxpayers via e-mail. They are e-mailing out letters that look ever so similar to the actual letters the IRS sends out when they make changes to your tax returns. The main focus of the letter has to do with the Affordable Care Act, which is the health insurance tax involved with Obama Care. While the letters do look awfully similar to the real IRS letters, there are a few subtle differences. Check it out…Scam Letter

These fake notices are in the e-mail as an attachment. If you happen to receive a suspicious e-mail claiming to be from the IRS, DO NOT open the attachment and forward the e-mail to [email protected] and then delete the e-mail.

In today’s world, criminals will do anything to make a quick buck. They have been very successful in scaring taxpayers into giving them money. For some reason, the IRS and taxes tend to scare people. We are here to protect you from any fear that you may have and give you peace of mind that you are safe. The tactical creativity of the scammers keeps getting better, and I tend to think that sooner or later they will begin to use snail mail in some way.

It is important to remember that any time your receive correspondence, please bring it into our office. Not only will we be able to detect if it is legit or not, but we will also take care of corresponding with the IRS or State if it is a legit letter. Don’t forget to take advantage of our Tax Shield to protect yourself against having to deal with IRS or State letters. The Tax Shield will be a part of our tax packages that will be available this upcoming tax season.

If you have any questions in regards to this scam, or any other scam, please give us a call or e-mail.


Have a great weekend!


P.S. 2015 Tax Returns on extension are due in 2 weeks! Get your information in ASAP if you still need to file.


Nicholas Hammernik, EA


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