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The Tax Slang Movement

This past week, I finally dove into a project that I has been brewing in my mind for a few years. I published my first podcast episode today. Is it any good? I’m not quite sure. To be honest, I’m not too happy with how it turned out. However, I accomplished part of my goal. I think I will get the hang of it and produce better content the more I do it. The podcast is just part of the overall vision. The vision is to educate the public on tax, financial, and general money education in plain English. I have always put an emphasis on being able to explain tax issues to my clients in a straightforward language. Remove all of the technical tax jargon, and give it to them straight. Unfiltered, easy to understand, money education….Tax Slang.

I’ve realized there is a major disconnect between some of the skills that are taught to us in school and the skills that we actually utilize in the real world. More specifically, a lot of the financial responsibilities that we encounter once we become “adults”. How do I fill out a W-4 to give to my employer? How do I file my tax return….more importantly, why am I even being forced to pay taxes? Why is it important to invest? What’s a loan, a mortgage? How does credit card interest work?

I have heard this phrase soooo many times, ” Why didn’t I learn that in school?”; or, ” I wish I would have known this earlier”.

Instead, in school, we are forced to take curriculum that has no use to us later in life. My initial goal is to educate everyone on financial strategies through entertaining, straight to the point podcasts. I will also be providing video and blog content to try and educate across all platforms.

My ultimate goal is to create online financial educational courses. I want to teach the stuff that should be taught in school. Whether a teenager wants to improve their financial knowledge for the first job, a college graduate wants to prepare to open their first retirement account, or if an adult wants become more informed about their current financial situation.

In general, people don’t like to talk about finances. It’s boring, confusing, or they are scared that they don’t know how to approach the situation.

Tax Slang is going to be your resource to learn valuable financial life skills without the confusion.

Please check out the first episode and follow along each week as I hope to continuously improve as a podcaster.


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